Winter stay

Have you ever experienced a winter with almost every day of the sun?
Come and experience the hospitality of Villamazarron.

Spending the winter on the Costa Calida really has many advantages;

The most sunny climate in winter in the whole of southern Europe.
The healthiest air in southern Europe has been demonstrated in this region of the Costa Cálida.
The cheap life on the Costa Cálida; wintering is cheaper than you would expect. Take the test!
The friendly and always helpful residents of the Costa Cálida.

Excellent healthcare in the area.

Always service at the resort of Casaña. Casaña has employees who speak all languages. We or Casaña will welcome you, wave you goodbye on departure and in the meantime are always available if you have a problem that needs to be solved.

All the recreation you want can be found in this region; beautiful nature, culture, sports facilities in the broadest sense of the word, excellent cuisine, fantastic shops, in short too many to mention. Before you know it, the “winter” is over and you will return to Northern Europe in a tanned state, where spring will begin again. During your stay just “trek” in snow; the “Sierra Nevada” is easy to drive by car.

All this for a price that will surprise you. Compared to the quality that we offer you are for a “bargain” wintering in Spain. Ask us a suitable quote and become our guest. From November to March we offer great prices.

Villamazarron is flexible; your price depends on the number of people and the duration that you wish to book. “The longer you come the cheaper you stay” Ask if we can make you an offer.

At Villamazarron you can rent including all costs (you know where you stand), or excluding all costs (gas, electricity and water are then calculated according to your actual use). As you wish ……..

We hope to welcome you as our guest. With a choice of 6 properties, there is always a suitable property for you. In recent years we have learned that many satisfied guests have preceded you. And ……… you don’t want to spend the winter at the resort; look at Casa Anavicente ON the beach in the pure Spanish village of Puntas de Calnegre. It can’t be more Spanish !!!

We look forward to you as our guest next winter…..

Welcome to Villamazarron.

Ask about our special winter rates!