The villas are located on the resort ‘Mazarron Country Club’.

The Country Club is located at a few minutes from the city of Mazarron in the province of Murcia.

Murcia is the most south-eastern province of Spain.

The resort is located against a mountain slope and has a view over the valley.

Within 10 minutes by car you will reach the coast which can give you all facilities you wish for

The location of the ‘Mazarron Coutry Club’ is very favorable for all kinds of trips from and to the rest of the area.

On the resort the golf course is still being built.

Located at 5 minutes from the resort there however is a 9-hole golf course which you can use as long as the golf course of the resort is unfinished.

In the village of Mazarron you will find all the shops you can wish for.In the village of Mazarron there also is an occasional market (as in many of the villages and cities in the surrounding).

Even more fun is to drive on for several minutes to the coastal town of Puerta de Mazarron. This town will foresee in all the things you can expect of a coastal town.High-rise buildings will not be seen in the entire coastline. You will find no more than 1 high flat in Puerta de Mazarron.>

When you drive east along the coast from Puerta you will get to Isla Plana. This also is a nice coastal town with lovely restaurants and peaceful beaches. A little further lays the town of La Azohia. From here all kinds of boat trips are being organized.

A Dutch relation of ours rents out boats there. When you wish for more information on this we can provide this for you.

Also trips on sea are being organized here. Think of round trips, diving lessons, dolphin trips, fishing etc.

In between the two coastal towns of Isla Plana and La Azohia you can go to the Mountains of Cartagena via the ‘old road’.

An exit of this road will take you high up in the mountains where, on the coastal rocks, a huge fortress from the beginning of the 20th century is located.

For protection of the city of Cartagena huge cannons are located on the rocks.

Enjoy the spectacular views and imagine what it should have been like in the past when you wander through the old fortress.

When you arrive in the city after the mountain roads you will be amazed by the beautiful buildings which you will find there.

Cartagena was, in particular in the old days, an important seaport for Spain.

Of course you will also find lovely squares, wonderful restaurants and bars here.

When you go back to the resort from Cartagena it is also possible to take the recently opened highway.

Within 20 minutes you will get to Mazarron and the resort via this highway.

From the resort you can also make a visit to the sand sculptures of Bolnuevo.

In this coastal town (10 minutes from the resort) there also are some quiet beaches.

There are lots of beach sports possibilities as well as diners, bars and outdoor cafés.

Via the highway of Mazarron Vera you can visit the extraordinary mountain village of Mojacar.

This white village is very touristic but certainly worth the visit.

Many artists have settled in this village throughout the years.

Many houses and buildings in the village have been returned to their original state.

There are many steep and narrow alleys in Mojacar.

Are you interested in rough nature, rocks and peace after a visit to the village of Mojacar, the national park of ‘Sierra Espuna’ is a must!!!

You can walk for hours without bumping in to anyone.

Also by car the Espuna is a beautiful drive. Within half an hour from the resort you will reach the ‘Sierra Espuna’.

And…….. On your way to Sierra Espuña ? Stop for a moment at “Santa Eulalia Totana”, between Totana and Aledo !
Enter the beautiful Cathedral, take a drink on the nice terrace and enjoy the great environment.